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More time to lead your business

Less worry about managing risk 

Willie Walsh is your Apollo West risk management business partner. He supports the operations team, always building confidence and capacity to do more, better, safer.

Working for a small number of clients means that this support is ‘always on’. You can clear immediate operations risk challenges that get in the way of timely delivery for your customer.

Always integrated seamlessly across multiple departments and diverse teams in fast-moving production environments.
Damien Cashin, Director, Multi-Color Ireland

The quality of his work has always been exemplary
Fergal Leonard, HSE Manager at Flogas Ireland

Delivering proportionate risk management systems means your compliance and assurance commitments for production and customer service are sustained.

Developing, implementing safety management systems, sourcing training, managing documentation provides protection, supports visible management action, prevents non-compliance, and reduces system failure and unplanned events. 

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